an "un-semantic" css helper library

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Deputy CSS

Deputy CSS is a simple CSS "library" with helpful css classes for common design requirements.

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The project is generated with SASS.

It includes padding, margin, width, border, color, typography, and general helpers.

It's a little bit backwards from the "semantic only" school of thought but it's what I prefer.


Padding and Margin

"I want this div to have 20 pixels of padding" --- Some guy

<div class="pad-20">

Also included are helpers to apply padding to only certain sides of an element

"I want 20 pixels of padding on the left side of this div" --- Same guy as before

<div class="pad-20 pad-l-only">


<div class="pad-l-20">

Padding and Margin classes are generated in increments of 5 up to 100. Each increment has 5 rules:

/* padding 20 */
.pad-20 { padding: 20px !important; }
.pad-t-20 { padding-top: 20px !important; }
.pad-r-20 { padding-right: 20px !important; }
.pad-b-20 { padding-bottom: 20px !important; }
.pad-l-20 { padding-left: 20px !important; }
/* margin 20 */
.m-20 { margin: 20px !important; }
.m-t-20 { margin-top: 20px !important; }
.m-r-20 { margin-right: 20px !important; }
.m-b-20 { margin-bottom: 20px !important; }
.m-l-20 { margin-left: 20px !important; }

.no-margin and .no-padding - These set padding/margin to 0 on an element

Additional classes are available to clear margin/padding on certain sides. ex. .no-pad-l, .no-m-l, .no-pad-tb, .no-m-lr

There are also some special classes such as .m-auto which sets auto left and right margin.


Width classes are generated from 1-100% as .w-1 { } .... .w-100 { }

Width classes are also generated in a fractional format such as .w-1-5. This means 1/5 width or 20%. Fraction denomintors are generated from 2 to 24

.w-1-2 { width: 49.99% !important; }
.w-5-14 { width: 35.70429% !important; }
.w-23-24 { width: 95.82333% !important; }

.01 is subtracted from every value just to not have to deal with weird rounding stuff.


Border classes are generated from 1-10 such as

/* border-3 */
.border-3 { border: 3px solid; }
.border-t-3 { border-top: 3px solid; }
.border-r-3 { border-right: 3px solid; }
.border-b-3 { border-bottom: 3px solid; }
.border-l-3 { border-left: 3px solid; }

this can be combined with other border classes for color and style.

<div class="border-b-1 border-dashed border-grey">
  some thing


The _variables.scss file contains 6 color variables from black to white.

The defaults are:

$black: #000;
$white: #fff;
$grey: #999;
$lightGrey: #e5e5e5;
$mediumGrey: #ccc;
$darkGrey: #222;

These are used to create border, text color, and background classes

The color by itself is a font color class. ex:

.medium-grey { color:$mediumGrey; }

Prefix bg- for background color and border- for border color.

The colors in the css are

black, light-grey, medium-grey, grey, dark-grey, white|fff